Spiritual Gifts

Welcome to your Spiritual Gifts

1. Does God regularly send you messages that always come true word for word?

2. Do you regularly plant churches in new places?

3. Do people regularly thank you for encouraging them to follow God's will?

4. Do people regularly pray with you to be born again?

5. Do you guard the flock of sheep around you?

6. Do you spend regular time studying the Bible?

7. Do your regularly minister to those in need with cheerfulness?

8. Do you regularly overcome the physical illness of people while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

9. Do you regularly supply the needs of others with liberality?

10. Do you regularly and diligently labor to establish spiritual control among the flock?

11. Do you regularly identify the spirit actually at work in the people around you?

13. Do you regularly seek to meet the needs of others before your meet your own needs?

14. Do you regularly display the ability to do powerful works for God?

15. Do you regularly lay hold of people to help them achieve the will of God?

16. Do you regularly chart the spiritual course for people to avoid danger and arrive at God's intended destination?

17. Does God regularly inspire you to reveal things hidden in the past, but now made known?

18. Does God regularly inspire you to apply authoritatively the things previously hidden, but now made known by God?

19. Do you regularly speak in a known foreign language the things previously hidden, but now made known by God?

20. Do you regularly interpret for believers who speak in known foreign languages the things previously hidden, but now revealed by God?